Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles

Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co - McGraths Hill, NSW

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We distill craft gin in our distillery and then infuse each bauble with one of our six unique botanicals to give them a special flavour and beautiful colour.  Gingle Bells Gin Baubles truly are a high quality, hand made and small batched product.  Our botanicals include specially selected edible flowers and Australian native fruits such as finger lime which is grown on our own farm and spices.  

What makes Gingle Bells Gin extra special is that the botanicals remain a physical inclusion in each bauble - like a decoration in a little snow dome. Use as part of a cocktail garnish or discard.

The gift pack includes:

  • Six different infused gin baubles, each threaded with a silver ribbon
  • Baubles
    - Wild Hibiscus Flower Gin: 54ml and 37% ABV 
    - Fingerlime Gin: 54ml and 37% ABV
    - Wattleseed Gin: 50ml and 40% ABV
    - Pepperberry Gin: 50ml and 40% ABV
    - Butterfly Pea Flower Gin: 50ml and 40% ABV
    - Snow Chrysanthemum Gin: 50ml and 40% ABV
  • Cocktail guide with ribbon
  • Premium wrap around giftbox with magnetic close lid

FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from Wild Hibiscus Flower Co - McGraths Hill, NSW

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