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Bakery Hill Single Malt Whisky Sovereign Smoke Peated
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Bakery Hill Single Malt Whisky Sovereign Smoke Peated

Bakery Hill Distillery - North Bayswater, Vic

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We are thrilled to release our latest limited edition bottling, "Sovereign Smoke - Defiantly Peated". 

The whisky was created using rare Belgian Peated barley, exhibiting fresh coastal peat flavours reminiscent of the finest Islay malts. 

Whilst the peat levels are much higher than our standard Peated malt, they do not dominate the entire palate, the peat compliments the stunning array of elements at play.

The trademark sweetness of the Bakery Hill spirit is retained and with full maturation in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels, the complex and long lasting finish is something to really behold. 

We have 3 barrels only of this stunning expression, and this is sure to sell out, so please enjoy!

Salted Caramel, Rich Cantaloupe, nutmeg, forest floor, brown sugar.

A Burst of flavour ranging from sea salt to sweet cedar, to malted milk.

Sweetness that lingers on the lips, pipe tobacco, medium to long finish.

50% ABV | 500 mL