Bass & Flinders Geneviève Gin

Bass & Flinders Geneviève Gin

Bass & Flinders Distillery - Dromana, Vic

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Inspired by the natural, fragrant botanicals found in some of the world’s most iconic perfumes, Geneviève Gin is the ultimate expression of a floral gin.

With a subtle nod to the noble botanical that signifies gin, Geneviève is a name derived from ‘genévrier’ the French word for Juniper. Geneviève Gin is an artfully crafted composition of lifted, fragrant aromas and silky complexity.

Bass & Flinders Distillery draws on parallels between production techniques of gin and perfume, through their similar process of vapour infusion by distillation and the vast selection of botanicals called upon to create an artistic expression of the perfect blend. Botanicals such as vanilla, florals and musk are classic perfume fragrances which also happen to make a beautifully aromatic gin.

A sense of smell is one of the most evocative senses humans possess. The olfactory system can detect millions upon millions of scents, some of which can be extremely distinctive, and can bring back memories of a particular time, place or moment.

The new, limited edition release from Bass & Flinders Distillery - Geneviève Gin, celebrates natural botanicals that abound in the French fields of Provence, while capturing the perfumed essence of our own local, native Australian flora, flourishing in the similarly maritime environment of the Mornington Peninsula.

Made with handpicked Mornington Peninsula rose petals, fresh lavender and elderflower, the delightful undertones of musk add a subtle sweetness to balance and complement the drier juniper notes. Mandarin adds a freshness whilst vanilla, orris root and native sandalwood nut add a smooth texture to this highly aromatic gin.

40% ABV | 500 mL

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