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Demoiselle Sunset Absinthe

Demoiselle Sunset Absinthe

Demoiselle Distillery - Panuara, NSW

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Tasting notes: Aromatic, earthy French style absinthe that is complex yet light bodied. Vegetal and rosey with a smoky, faintly anise finish.

Australian Sunset Absinthe uses the traditional foundation of Aniseed, Fennel and Wormwood making a much more approachable Absinthe even for the uninitiated yet with enough subtle complexity from the accompanying botanicals to hold the interest of the most experienced absinthe lover.

All of our products are small batch produced by hand in a pot still using botanicals we grow and harvest ourselves with a five times distilled base spirit which is also produced entirely in-house (and is sold in its own right as Silversmith Vodka).

The finished product is then bottled by hand (with a cork of course) and wax sealed to help convey the quality and love we put into the bottle's contents.

50% ABV | 750 mL

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