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Hungarian Oak Tokaji Cask Matured

Hungarian Oak Tokaji Cask Matured, Unflocked and Unfiltered

Devil's Distillery - Moonah, Tas

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Unflocked and Unfiltered, Hungarian Oak Tokaji Cask Matured Batch 19-006.

This Australian distilled Hobart Whisky release has been matured in a re-coopered Hungarian Oak Tokaji cask for just over three and a half years. A light and floral whisky expressed at 49.8% abv.

While now we do all of our brewing and fermentation on site, this particular cask was distilled from wash produced at Moobrew brewery. Made from pilsner Tasmanian malted barley, twice distilled in our own copper pot still, matured in Hungarian Oak, and cut back using pure Tasmanian water.

This release is bottled intentionally unflocked and unfiltered. This leaves all of the naturally occurring oils present in the whisky which adds to the texture and flavour. Because of this, sediment or cloudiness may be present in the bottle, which is perfectly natural and with a gentle shake, will clear up.

Colour: Golden straw

Fresh peaches and nectarines with hints of almonds and orange marmalade. Clean and distinct alcohol plus some oaky dryness.

Thick and viscous with a restrained sweetness which then opens onto the mid palate with a crescendo of warm alcohol, dry tannins, lifted florals, and peppery high notes that linger in a tantalising mixture of pantry spices.

Long and eventually dry with the persistence of the oak tannins and alluring spices.

49.8% ABV | 200 mL

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