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Iniquity single Malt whisky batch 18
Iniquity Single Malt Whisky Batch 18 | 46% ABV | 700 mL

Iniquity Single Malt Whisky Batch 18 | 46% ABV | 700 mL

Tin Shed Distilling Co - Welland, S.A.

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This is a bold 3 Year Old Australian whisky - perfect now the nights are getting a bit cooler. A wood fire inside and snow outside is required to enjoy it more.

Nose: Spices – cloves and nutmeg, oak, dried grass, rum'n-raisin ice cream, caramel, apricot jam, gooseberry pie, damp (coniferous) forest floor and pine cones; adding water brings out truffles over vanilla ice cream

Palate: some warmth, just enough to know your drinking at 46%; spices again with a subtle pleasant toffee sweetness; chilli chocolate; becomes creamy with a hint of eucalyptus when water added.

Finish: Burnt toffee brittle on the finish before cough sweets, honey and a lingering spice finish with more cinnamon and cloves 

Balance:  swings like a pendulum to start with, but finishes nicely in the middle.

American Oak, 75% port, 25% sherry

comes in presentation box (no white box available)

46% ABV | 700 mL

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