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Riverbourne Identity Single Malt whisky

Riverbourne Identity 6 | 48% ABV | 700 mL

RIverbourne Distillery - Jingera, NSW

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Australian distilled, The Identity is a soft, light and floral whisky, which typifies the Identitys and Edition 6 is no exception to the this.  A spirit driven whisky with the signature narrow cut, ensures the creation of this sought after hand crafted Australian Whisky.

It is matured in 2 x 50L & 1 x 25L French Oak Barrels which previously had Red Wine from the Napa Valley, California. They have been scraped, re-charred and re-coopered. Then Virgin American Oak ends are used on the heads. These combination casks allows no dominant factor of the timber to overcome the delicious flavour of the spirit.

Tasting Notes

The warmth of the spring sun is exhilarating and fresh. Walking around the field is relaxing, stepping over fresh cut hay which has a light caramel nuance. After  breathing in,  you get the sweet aroma of Honey Suckle and tranquility.

As your journey continues, you see bees flying across the field and supplying their hives with bountiful honey. This sweetness you  can already taste on your lips. Small amounts of warming peppery flavour of Allspice entice your senses and you exhale contently. As the sun sets you keep a balanced set of warming spice, sweetness and fabulous floral notes.

Nose: Caramel and Fresh Cut Hay open the aroma. Honey Suckle slowly emerges.

Palate: The Sweetness keeps one salivating via subtle honey comb. The floral Honey Suckle blossoms, whilst small amounts of All Spice linger.

Finish: Medium drawn out finish with equal combination of sweetness, spice and  Honey Suckle blossom.

Riverbourne, Identity Edition 6 - Distilled 17 May 17 (Cask 68), Distilled 04 Sep 17 (Casks 82, 83) - 2 x 50L, 1 x 25L French Oak (2.2 Yrs avg) - Casks 68, 82, 83 - Bottled 07 Oct 19 - Bottles 248

48% ABV | 700 mL

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