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Riverbourne Supremacy single malt whisky

Riverbourne Supremacy 6 | 48% ABV | 700 mL

RIverbourne Distillery - Jingera, NSW

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When it comes to the peated Whisky range, Australian distilled, The Supremacy is the one that Riverbourne Whisky has to offer. Supremacy Edition 6 is a superb peated whisky taking a great balance of sweetness, smoke and peat. This admirable whisky’s peat expands from the nose, palate and finish; only leaving you salivating for more.

It is 2 x 50L Barrels French Oak Barrels which previously had Red Wine from the Napa Valley, California. They have been scraped, re-charred and re-coopered. Then Virgin American Oak ends are used on the heads. These combination casks allows no dominant factor of the timber to overcome the delicious flavour of the spirit. 

It is here were you can taste the distinction of the spirit, Cask 86’s spirit was made with peated malt but with a narrow cut on the spirit run. This transfers the sweet flavour into Edition 6, while Cask 95 was made with Heavy Peat and a deep cut, which gives strapping peat and smoke. The blending of these two casks make a superior peated Whisky.

Tasting Notes

When you have the opportunity to sit back and relax you are rewarded with a chance to contemplate & reflect. When you inhale you have the scent of smoke from the wood fire, giving comfort. With your whisky in hand you become emerged in relaxation. At first masked, the aroma builds of sweet toffee and candied apples. 

As your senses build, you indulge more into this wholesome whisky. The initial scent of smoke continues to grow and the peat becomes developed and refined. Equal growth occurs with the toffee, and a complex balance swirls in your mouth. As you swallow you become inundated with more growth of Peat and it it drawn out with subtle honey.

Colour: Burnished Gold

Nose: Lightly smoked and peaty. Gentle cereal grain aromas are first to open and quickly followed by toffee and candied apples.

Palate: Initially sweet which then tapers off to showcase toffee. Keeping true to the Supremacy label, this sweetness is quickly overtaken by an overwhelming growth of peat. Both the sweet toffee and the smoky aftertaste merge into a fabulous balanced flavour.

Finish: A warming finish of peat and subtle honey. The length is long and the peat lingers.

Riverbourne, Supremacy Edition 6 - Distilled 08 Oct 17 - 2 x 50L (2,1 Yrs) - Casks 86, 95 - Bottled 01 Nov 19 - Bottles 207

48% ABV | 700 mL

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