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Tiger Snake cask strength whiskey 65.6% 700mL

Tiger Snake Australian Whiskey - Cask Strength 64.7% ABV, 700 mL

Limeburners Distillery - Albany, W.A.

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Our Tiger Snake Whiskey is Australia’s first version of a sour mash whiskey, taking inspiration from the great Tennessee Whiskeys and Kentucky Bourbons.

Like Champagne recognises wine from the great region in France, Bourbon is also a geographic indicator, so in Australia we refer to this style as a ‘Sour Mash’ Whiskey, indicative of the grain mashing process unique to Bourbon.

Using a classic grain bill of corn, rye and malted barley, and occasionally including the old hybrid grain “triticale”, all of which are sourced entirely from Western Australia, our full flavoured sour mash is bursting with tones of vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts.

This mixed grain Whiskey is richly textured with elegant spices and fruit with a smooth creamy finish.

Each batch is hand bottled and numbered in keeping with our small batch tradition.

2017 - Silver, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
2017 and 2016 - Best Australian Grain Whiskey, World Whiskies Awards

64.7% ABV | 700 ML 

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