OGS Distillery

At OGS Distillery, we strive to create the highest quality spirits that cater to the Australian and Chinese export markets. Our craft spirits are Australian made, Australian owned, and are made from 100% Australian grains. Our high quality ingredients, manufacturing methods and quality control standards ensure a spirit that is pure, free of adulterants and great to taste.

James Mylne - Master distiller/founder of OGS Distilling. James has been a Distiller for over 10 Years. He started his professional distilling career in Taiwan, making western drinks like Vodka and Gin, in the mountains on the outskirts of Taipei called “Cloud Mountain.” He won his first Silver Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition after just 3 months of distilling professionally and his First Double Gold 2 years later. That Double Gold was the First Double Gold Medal awarded to a Taiwanese Gin in the History of that Nation.

He decided to return to his hometown of Brisbane to start his own Distillery. Since opening mid-2018 he has won many awards, including being nominated for Best Distiller at the 2019 Tasting Australia Spirit Competition in Adelaide. He is also the first producer of Chinese Baijiu to win a gold medal in the History of Australia. James has a passion for making high quality locally made craft spirits, and with the continued help of the local community, he plans on adding awards and stories to his list of achievements. When you drink a Finesse Spirit you are a part of James’s story as you are now drinking with Finesse!