Whipper Snapper Distillery

Whipper Snapper


The Bomber
Our journey started where most great Australian stories do, with camaraderie. An Australian and a US pilot shared two great loves in WWII - their love of bombers and whiskey. The war ended and they were separated by oceans and time but their recipe lived on.

The Shed
Fifty years after the recipe reached Australian shores, veteran Vic continued to distil his whiskey and moonshine in his back shed in Scarborough. By a stroke of luck, Vics neighbour was a young man by the name of Al, who helped him write his memoirs, but more importantly, shared his love of whiskey. The shed became their escape and Vic passed on his recipe to his new comrade, Al and his mate Jimmy.

The Search
Al and Jimmy made their way to Colorado, tracking down a relative of Vic's fellow WWII pilot. He found Coop - who shared his love and whiskey and refined the same recipe from WWII over time. Coop's life was whiskey and he had recently sold his acclaimed distillery to settle down and retire - until he heard about a story shared in a small shed across the world in Scarborough.

Discovering Frank
Al and Jimmy took their love of whiskey across the world to Scotland, where Frank, a man who had been distilling for more than 50 years, helped them refine their recipe. Reverend  for his legendary status at Springbank, Bushmills and Bruichlanddich Distilleries, Frank was the rock star our recipe needed.

The Concept
So with the determination of two young Aussie men, and a recipe refined from one side of the world to the other, Whipper Snapper was born.  How did we get our name? "What makes you young little guys think you can take on the big names of whiskey?" Our answer - We may be your Whipper Snappers, but this is our obsession and we were meant to share this recipe.

The Distillery
Our whiskey brings together hundreds of years of distilling experience, to bring a taste that has stood the test of time, with great Australian ingredients. Every bottle we distil is a tribute to Vic, his bomber and all the servicemen who loved the recipe - and now to all of those who will love our whiskey for years to come.

Our highly acclaimed team of distillers are dedicated to crafting the best whiskey by bringing together 100% Australian grown corn, barley and wheat and ageing our whiskey in white oak barrels for a smooth yet sophisticated flavour. The combination of traditional distilling methods and innovating our own unique process is what makes Whipper Snapper a world class whiskey. 

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