Amante Spiritus Sweet Liquorice Spirit

Amante Spiritus Sweet Liquorice Spirit

7K Distillery - Brighton, Tas

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Australian distilled Amante Spiritus (or if you don't speak Latin, ‘Lover's Spirit’) is an invigorating mixture of vapour-distilled anise botanicals and locally harvested elderberries. These ingredients combine to create a harmonious taste that is rich on the palate, bringing a sweet and sensuous experience with each sip. Flaunting a deep, ruby red hue, Amante Spiritus is not to be mistaken for a sweet liqueur. This spirit is a carefully balanced blend that requires a delicate pairing—and as the name implies, it should certainly be enjoyed in the company of a lover.

Whether you enjoy it as an aperitif, an after dinner spirit, or even blended in the perfect cocktail, Amante Spiritus holds no bounds in its usefulness—though we can vouch for simply pouring it on the rocks with a hint of lime, then slipping into the tub with your main squeeze.

43%  ABV | 725 mL

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