Anther Chocolate Gin

Anther Chocolate Gin

Anther Gin - Geelong, Vic

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Vanilla and our blend of secret spices marry the deep flavour from cacao nibs and floral juniper together. This spirit is not the creamy, sweet, dulce de leche idea of chocolate – this is fruity, citrusy, spicy and dry. The fragrance is sweet and finishes dry and spicy on your palate – a revolution for the Negroni lovers out there (recipe below)!

Anther toasted the cacao nibs before they were put into the gin to be macerated. This opens up the many fats and oils in the nibs and allows all the delectable oils from the other botanicals to join up and become extra good!

Chocolate Cherry Negroni
30ml Anther Chocolate
15ml Anther Cherry
30ml Maidenii Sweet Vermouth
30ml Campari
Stir all together in a glass, add ice and a slice of orange. If you’re feeling fancy, dust with a shaving of fresh chocolate – ooh, la lah!

700 mL

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