Belgrove Ginger Hammer
Belgrove Ginger Hammer

Belgrove Ginger Hammer

Belgrove Distillery - Kempton, Tas

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“Ginger Beer on Steroids!”

Australian Distilled Ginger Beer.

C: clear

N: very fruity, spicy, freshly ground spices, citrus aromas like lime and cumquat, lemon zests, slightly artificial, quite fresh and green

P: GINGER!!! Freshly ground ginger, ginger spices and spicy ginger, peppery ginger, apple ginger, ginger juice, soapy ginger.  Did I already mention ginger?

F: citrus ginger, mouth drying and salivating at the same moment (which is an irritating as well as surprising feeling), extremely fruity

C: Whenever you have the feeling of catching a cold, drink this!!!

50% ABV | 500 mL


FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from Belgrove Distillery - Kempton, Tas

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