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Dasher + Fisher Strawberry Gin

Dasher + Fisher Strawberry Gin

Southern Wild Distillery - Devonport, Tas

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Australian distilled Dasher + Fisher Strawberry Gin was developed in response to our local area being impacted by a Fruit Fly outbreak. Due to the restrictions placed on our local growers and producers large quantities of quality fruit were unable to be sold.

We don’t like to see fresh produce go to waste. So, when we were approached by local growers, asking if there was a product that their locally hand-picked strawberries could be used in… We decided to see what was possible…

Dasher + Fisher Strawberry Gin was the result!

This limited edition, Dasher + Fisher Strawberry Gin is a sumptuous fresh strawberry gin with floral spice undertones that is delicious over ice or in a cocktail.

30% ABV | 500 mL

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