Lark Classic Cask + Brandy & PX Sherry Gift Pack

Lark Classic Cask + Brandy & PX Sherry Gift Pack

Lark Distillery - Hobart, Tasmania

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Classic Cask 43% + Brandy & PX Sherry 48%

Unwrap a new whisky experience, with two spectacular single malts.

Our flagship Lark Classic Cask - the benchmark of Lark's house style. Experience our renowned flavours of rich caramel, butterscotch and citrus paired with a seemingly never ending finish. Bill Lark's favourite dram.

Brandy & PX Sherry is the unconventional joining of ex-Lark brandy and ex-PX sherry casks. The result is dark and brooding, an exquisite single malt whisky. Dark and brooding, this single malt delivers you into a vortex of rich plum pudding, intense oak, blackberries, dried fruit and a hint of smoke.

2 x 100 mL

FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from Lark Distillery - Hobart, Tasmania

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