Limeburners Karri Honey Whisky Liqueur

Limeburners Karri Honey Whisky Liqueur

Limeburners Distillery - Albany, W.A.

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Limeburners Australian distilled Whisky Liqueur is a rich smooth blend of specially selected small batches of malt whisky married with local karri honey (unique to Western Australia) and infused with exotic spices. The liqueur has a pale golden hue and shows subtle herb and fruit aromas. Pleasant spirit warmth finishes with lingering flavours of honeycomb and spice.

The recipe is a closely guarded blend, however our Master Distillery has let slip that it is based on a fusion of ancient Irish and Suisse recipes, some (but not all of the herbs) include cinnamon, coriander, exotic citrus, star anise and select Tahitian & Madagascan Vanillas.

Lighter than many liqueurs ours has an elegant balance between the whisky and honey. It is delicious to drink on its own at room temperature or a small amount of ice will enhance the honey flavours.

2016 Bronze Medal Winner at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

30% ABV | 500 mL

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