OCD Vodka
OCD Vodka

OCD Pure Australian Vodka is distilled 4 times and infused with a base of OVVIO Ruby Heart Berry tea, with additional ground Juniper to create a smooth juniper forward botanical Vodka.

Following on from the unique distillation process that produces OCD pure Vodka, OCD #23 uses OVVIO Ruby Heart Berry Tea, as a base to then remix with additional Juniper to create our first of 2 new botanical Vodka's.

Aroma: A strong smooth Juniper note to lead...breath deeper and you'll find traces of the sweet rosehip. Feels like a perfume 

Tasting Notes:  Velvety smooth on the tongue, the gin style Vodka opens up its flavours slowly in way that is to be savoured. The simple mix of botanicals balance to create a taste sensation that is whole and satisfying.

#23 will mix perfectly with tonic, soda or a light tonic allowing the spirit to shine. Perfect in a dry martini or served neat.

Comes in presentation box with magnetic closure.

44% ABV | 700 mL

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