Requiem Rum SS Ferrett

Requiem Rum SS Ferrett

Tin Shed Distilling Co - Welland, S.A.

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Matured in American Oak Port Casks for 6 years, this Australian pot still rum is for grown-ups. The sickly sweetness so common in commercial rums is missing, so too the presence of added spices. It is smart, graceful and sophisticated.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Molasses, grass, caramel, cherry blossom, dark chocolate coated orange candy, orange peel and marmalade.
Palate:  Seville orange with matcha Japanese green tea bitterness and chocolate
Finish:  The finish is reasonably long. What starts out as a duel between the sweetness of the port and the influence of the oak finished up as a waltz, or maybe a tango!

46% ABV | 70 mL

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