Triple Distilled Tasmanian Malt Vodka

Triple Distilled Tasmanian Malt Vodka

Hobart Whisky - Moonah, Tas

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Made with 100% Tasmanian malted barley, which imparts subtle sweetness and character to the spirit.

Brewed, fermented and distilled a stone’s throw from Hobart CBD at our own distillery, twice distilled on our locally made copper pot still before a third distillation on our column still.

The nose provides malt, butter, and citrus spice. Biscuit crumb, light fruit, and candied lollies on the palate with a smooth, malty finish.

Cut to 43% abv with pristine Tasmanian water, perfect in a cocktail or complex enough to be enjoyed neat or over ice.

Tasting Notes:
The aroma is malt and butter, with a mild citrus spice cross floral, a hint of sweet straw and fresh almonds.

The palate is light and sweet, plenty of malty biscuit crumbs, light fruits and candied lollies.

The finish is long, smooth, and malty.

43% ABV| 500 mL

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