SPIRIT OF THE MAKER FOR 300+ AUSTRALIAN CRAFT SPIRITS FROM 70+ DISTILLERIES - ordered from your couch, delivered to your door

So many ways to save!!!

There's no better time to grow your Aussie spirits collection than this month of February. Spirit of the Maker wants to put a smile on your dial as you resume your more regular life post holiday season by giving you a swag of opportunities to get $10 OFF your next purchase of great Aussie craft spirits. 


  REFER A FRIEND - you AND your friend BOTH get $10 OFF.

[Click on the CHECK REWARDS link at bottom left of Home page spiritofthemaker.com.au to refer friends.]
watch out for our SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS that will refer you to $10 OFF that product FOR 24 HOURS ONLY - you'll have to act quickly so you don't miss out. You'll also see a link to the product of the day at the top of our homepage.
SIGNUP for our newsletter if you haven't done so already and earn $10 OFF. spiritofthemaker.com.au/account/register  (you can use your social media account to register if you prefer)
keep your eyes peeled for PERIODIC POPUPS with $10 OFF when you browse products on spiritofthemaker.com.au 
SPEND $100 to earn $10 OFF your following purchase. (points accrue if you spend less and will give you $10 once you have spent $100 over time)


So starting today:

  • get talking and sharing
  • keep checking
  • sign up
  • keep your eye's peeled
  • take action without delay
  • spend and


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