World Whiskey Awards - how they work

At Spirit of the Maker we are fortunate enough to offer many of the winners at this year's World Whiskey Awards - the world premier awards for this alluring golden spirit.

We will be listing our winners shortly but for now - what is the process for determining who they are.

Judging Under Way

The final tasting is now coming up with round one results announced on the 5th February.

The judging process

The taste judging is held in three rounds.

Round 1
Each whisky is tasted in its relevant style to identify and select the style winners. Judges making up the World Whiskies Awards panel include international, leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers and industry experts.

Rounds 2
Style winners are tasted against each other to identify the ‘Best’ whisky in each category.

Round 3
The ‘Best’ whisky in each category are then tasted against each other one last time to select the World’s Best whisky. Judges at this stage include those in Round 1 and 2 to whom are added a panel of leading distillers and experts from the whisky industry.


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