ALTD Spirits

The Triggs


The idea for ALTD Spirits was born over Christmas lunch, sometime between the main meal and desert.

Having realised they were both increasingly starved of flavour when it came to alcohol-free drinking, they hatched a plan to change things. “I don’t particularly like sugar-loaded soft drinks, and ordering anything alcohol-free at a bar felt like I’d been relegated to the kids’ table” says Tim.

“Limited options aside, good health is also a big part of why we created ALTD Spirits. We enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free. It’s not our mission to persuade others to do the same, we’re presenting an alternative beverage for anyone who, like ourselves, are rethinking their drinking. For whatever reason and even if it’s just for that day” says Tim.

The collection is inspired by the tastes and sounds of the Australian Bush. All of the botanicals are grown locally and wherever possible, sourced from indigenous suppliers. “It seems a fitting dedication to name each drink after an Australian cicada. Growing up when we did, collecting cicada shells was a summertime quest enjoyed by most kids. The challenge was to find the rarest, the most elusive ones”, says Jacqui.

 Each of the drinks has its own unique flavour and personality. “They’re like little characters and are absolutely part of the family. I could never choose a favourite” Jacqui adds.

 “Mum and dad could though, it’s always me” adds Tim, clearly deluded.

About ALTD Spirits

100% Alcohol-free spirits. 

Flavours inspired by the tastes & sounds of the Australian Bush. 

For the alcohol-free we offer a premium, unmistakably Australian option. 

We’re unmistakably Aussie 

Our mission has been to capture 'the tastes & sounds of the Australian bush' with full respect to the land and its original owners. The botanicals we use are all native / grown in Australia and ethically & sustainably sourced from indigenous suppliers where possible. 

We also give 10% back to the Jimmy Little foundation who educate indigenous kids in remote regional areas about healthy lifestyle choices - so you can feel good at the same time as enjoying a refined, well-crafted spirit. 

We are not trying to be ‘mock’ gins or any other ‘mock’ booze 

We're not following traditional gin recipes here or trying to imitate other alcoholic flavours. In true Aussie style we've gone our own way. Hundreds of blends later we've got to what we think is a good representation of some quintessential Aussie bush flavours. 

Like Aussie wines did do French back in the day, we've gone for big and bold flavours (Seedlip by comparison is quite mild - we like it though!) 

We’re like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. 

Plant Based | Small Batches | Hand Crafted 

Distilled in traditional copper alembic stills, we only fresh & botanicals. Our distillers pride themselves on extracting the natural waters from within the plant & botanical cellular walls. It's an expensive & time-consuming method but the final product is extremely rich in both flavour & nutrients. 

No alcohol | No sugar | No extracts | All natural