SPIRIT OF THE MAKER FOR 300+ AUSTRALIAN CRAFT SPIRITS FROM 70+ DISTILLERIES - ordered from your couch, delivered to your door

Antagonist Spirits

A play on words - Half Cut is inspired by the method of harvesting the grass as well as the result of a few sneaky G&T's ;-)  The idea came after months of frustration in landing on something new and different.  The mad scientist of the group walked by a freshly mowed lawn in Reservoir, VIC and was momentarily transported to the nostalgia of childhood life on a farm outside Byron Bay.  How to replicate and bottle that nostalgia became our mission......

Fresh cut, hand harvested kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) between 10-17cms are rushed to the production line after approx 5 hours of being picked stem by stem - literally stem by stem.  

The rest is history.