Anther Gin

Anther Distillery

Co-distillers Dervilla McGowan and Sebastian Reaburn started Anther in 2016. Derv left bartending to become a scientist and has a PhD in microbiology. She brings scientific method to the distillation process.

Seb has always worked in the liquor industry making cocktails and slinging booze. 

The temptation to make their own gin was irresistible.

Plants : Science : History

The anther is part of the flower containing the pollen. We chose Anther for its connection with plants, and the science of botany.

Distilling is the perfect blend of science and nature. Our curiosity and love of Australian botanicals are at the heart of everything we create.

We think that is why we won the trophies for Champion Australian Gin 2018, and Champion Mircro Batch Spirit 2019.

We are a small-batch gin company. Each bottle is made by hand in Geelong. We experiment, but the backbone of our product is the Australian native plants in every single bottle.

About the Distillery

History is a key ingredient in Anther Gin, distilled in Geelong’s historical Federal Woolen Mills, built in 1915.

Our beloved still takes pride of place, set against weathered red brick and surrounded by treasured memories.

Each pristine drop of Anther is prepared, extracted, and distilled in this place of industry, and curiosity.

We encourage everyone to explore our stunning space. It’s where our imagination comes alive. Come have a tipple distilled with sumptuous botanicals and colourful spices.


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