Belgrove Distillery


Belgrove is one of very few Whisky distilleries in the world that grows all its own grain, malts, ferments, distills and barrel ages on site.

I grow my own ryecorn to produce a 100% rye whisky.

I built my copper pot still from scratch. It is direct fired with biodiesel that I make from waste cooking oil from a roadhouse next to my farm.

Hot water is also biodiesel heated. My tractors, forklift and truck also run on Biodiesel.

The only significant material I bring to the farm is waste cooking oil and the only product to leave is whisky.

The spent mash is fed to pigs or cattle. Cooling water comes from my dam and the waste water is either recycled or used for irrigation, including the next rye crop.

Brewing and diluting water is harvested from my roofs – I have a lot of farm sheds.  Yeast is often reused.

Here are some catch words that could describe my operation, such as “sustainable” “closed loop” “small carbon footprint” “green” “farm based” “value adding” “craft” “low food miles”.

Cellar door: by appointment  M: 0409 144 560