Bunker Distillery

Stacy and Phil from Bunker Distillery
It all started back in 2010 when Distiller Phillip BUNKER and his wife Stacy BUNKER took a holiday into the outback of Australia.

While visiting the unique opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, a place where Stacy had attended school in the 80’s, one evening Phil and Stacy sat back to relax in front of the campfire on the opal fields. While Phil was enjoying an Australian made whisky, he turned to Stacy and said “Well I didn’t find opal but definitely found liquid gold’ referring to the whisky he was consuming. That statement was the start of a conversation that has never ended inspiring Phil to make his own whisky and other spirits and to build Bunker Distillery.

Phillip, was falling in love with the Australian Country after having spent most of his life on the coast.

His travel experiences introduced him to people that were really making a difference and he discovered the natural beauty of Australia.

Encouraged by his science background Phillip’s spirit making journey began. He managed to master the art of making his own fine Australian Whisky, nowadays he continues to call it his own ‘liquid gold’.

In 2017, Phil purchased a property in Spring Grove in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The rural property included a beautiful yet run down home with character and style like no other property in close vicinity- with a little tender loving care, the property became the perfect location for Bunker Distillery being within an hour to the Pacific beaches, pristine rivers, fertile valleys, and lush rolling green hills. With the ability to grow some of the botanicals for GIN and a climate that enhances the aging of Whisky, today Bunker Distillery produces fine quality small batch Whisky, GIN, Rum and Vodka.