Callington Mill Distillery

Callington Mill distillery

We are focused on producing a world-class whisky made from the finest Tasmanian ingredients and pristine waters. Our "Callington Mill Single Malt Whisky" is crafted with patience and made with care at our historic picturesque heartlands home, Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania.

We pride ourselves on creating our own wash, daily mashing using Tasmanian grown and malted barley, and our fermentation brewhouse produces over 84,000 litres of wash weekly. We work closely with our cooperage and our European cooperage partners to ensure our wood portfolio of highly sought after fresh, handpicked sherry seasoned oak casks, genuine 30+-year-old rare casks, and American oak are readily available to meet our needs. This process guarantees that our whisky has its own unique flavour.

Our state-of-the-art Tasmanian whisky distillery gives us precision control over the entire whisky making process.