Corowa Distilling Co

 Corowa Distilling Co

Corowa Distilling Co. Founder Dean Druce was brought up learning the family business of wheat, chocolate and liquorice in the small town of Junee, NSW.  Dean and his father Neil have long shared a passion for quality Whisky and have been fortunate to spend time learning how to make whisky from well known master distillers in Scotland. 

The distillery is situated inside an abandoned flour mill purchased for $1.00 on the premise that it was restored to its former glory. The restored flour mill is also home to Corowa Chocolate Factory...does life get any better when you have Whisky and Chocolate production under the same roof!

Dean has taken on local Beau Schilg as their Master Distiller.  Beau born and bred in the region is absolutely chuffed to be on board. Over 100 casks have been rested in 2016 so we might see Whisky releases surfacing from 2018 onwards.  Dean's vision is to build a reputable distillery known for quality hand crafted whisky, gin and rum.

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