Critters Distillery

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Where the Pacific Ocean meets the western hinterland on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Critters Distillery create award-winning spirits inspired by the Australian marine environment.

The authentic craftmanship of brewing, fermenting and distilling resonates with the Angler Fish (Lophiiformes) whose survival is dependent upon its senses and features on the logo. Producing spirits using artisan production methods and electing for quality over quantity, Critters is a small batch and boutique Australian-owned distillery.

Proudly supporting and working alongside Australian farmers, Critters Distillery provides full traceability from ‘paddock to glass’.


Critters Distillery strives to support sustainable practices through our supply chains, collaborations and distillery operations. We believe as a small business we can make a big impact with conscious sustainable decisions. Opting for recycled packaging, reusing distillery waste products and working in collaboration with businesses whose values align with ours by seeking to improve environmental corporate social responsibility.