Demoiselle Distillery

Demoiselle absinthe

Located in the central tablelands of New South Wales we are Australia's first dedicated absinthe distillery. Creating a genuine and uniquely Australian absinthe featuring the Australian natives Aniseed Myrtle and Lemon Myrtle alongside the heart of a true Absinthe: Wormwood (A.absinthium) and Petite Wormwood (A.pontica).

A process unique to our distillery, all our spirit is pot distilled in a 3m columned still, through copper and pure silver five times to achieve a vodka still retaining the character and quality of its all grain based fermentation yet without the need for any carbon filtering. It predominantly uses copper raschig rings, so the copper does the 'heavy lifting' in terms of improving the alcohol, then at the top is a layer of pure silver raschig rings, hand-formed by Demoiselle, which further improves the alcohol. Silver has an even higher ability than copper to remove the sulfur compounds produced during fermentation that you want taken out during distillation to improve the aroma and flavour of the finished product without the need for activated carbon filtering that is really only needed if other parts of the fermentation/distillation process weren't done as well as they could be. This vodka forms the base of our world class Absinthe. 

Absinthe is our passion. Every step of the process is done with loving attention, from growing our botanicals right through to the maceration, distillation, colouring and bottling.

About our Absinthe

A unique Australian Absinthe featuring the Australian natives: Aniseed Myrtle and Lemon Myrtle, yet still retaining the heart of a true absinthe: Grande wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and Roman/Petite wormwood (Artemisia pontica).

The use of Australian aniseed myrtle and lemon myrtle stay true to a genuine absinthe flavour profile yet impart an intangible hint of the Australian rainforest to Demoiselle Absinthe.

Important points about Demoiselle Absinthe:

- A genuine absinthe: macerated botanicals are distilled then coloured using other colouring botanicals, this is the only way a true verte(green) absinthe can be made. 
- Demoiselle's colour is only from botanicals, no colours used.
- We grow all of our botanicals, very few Absinthe distillers in the world can say this.
- A proudly Australian made product, from raising and harvesting the botanicals, right through to the finished packaged product, every single step done by the same two hands, artisanal doesn't even start to explain the love and years of research that has gone and continues to go into Demoiselle Absinthe.

The use of Australian aniseed myrtle and lemon myrtle stay true to a genuine absinthe flavour profile yet impart an intangible hint of the Australian rainforest to Demoiselle Absinthe.

Our base spirit is pot distilled five times in our base spirit still before the final Absinthe is distilled, for a sixth time, in our dedicated Absinthe still.

How to drink (Demoiselle) Absinthe

Add water in a ratio of at least 1:1 absinthe:water, but we find the 'spot' for most people is around 1:3.

The absolute minimum we recommend is 1:1 which will yield a drink of approximately 33% alc/vol (quite a strong alcoholic beverage). Any stronger than this and you start to lose absinthe's complex herbal flavour to the overwhelming strength of the alcohol. Other than this basic guideline there is no right or wrong amount of water to add, different ratios of water will accentuate different herbal tones.

Consuming your Absinthe is something to be savored and enjoyed, remember to take your time add some water, taste, consider and repeat until it is just right. As with most things in life the trick is to stop before you've gone too far because there is no going back.

Addition of sugar: While good absinthe should not be overly bitter many people do add sugar, this step is optional and purely to the preference of the drinker. For many the ritual of dissolving sugar using a special absinthe spoon and absinthe (water) fountain, or alternatively using a brouilles-absinthes or the more recently created (90's) Absinthe pipe, is a big part of their enjoyment of a quality absinthe.

Setting Absinthe on Fire: I love fire as much as the next person but the last thing I will ever set alight is a glass of Absinthe.

No cellar door.