Imperial Measures Distillery

David and Chris met working as cocktail Bartenders in Adelaide and cooked up an idea of starting a Distillery from scratch. We started by working on a recipe on a small still for about 9 months and once we got it to a stage that we were happy with we graduated to the use of a fully fledged still up in Gumeracha. 2 years and about 25 batches later we threw all our eggs into the one basket and purchased our own still and found a place to distill which was our spiritual home in Adelaides inner west where the concept was born and where all of our initial bottles were labelled and hand signed. Our Distillery and our 'Ounce Bar at IMD' reinforce what we think is best about where we are and what we do... we see it as a celebration of community, from the creation of quality products to the spirit of enjoyment and sharing.