Knocklofty spirits are entirely hand produced by three couples at a home based microdistillery at the foothills of Knocklofty in West Hobart, Tasmania. Our grain-free spirit is fermented and distilled on site using Tasmanian pepperberry and wattle seed, to produce a distinctive base for our products. 

Our  still and distillery has been built by us using mainly recycled or 2nd hand materials.

 Our spirits have been developed with attention to detail, a huge passion, and with the support and advice of gin connoisseurs, friends and family.

Our  products are made in Tasmania - the base spirit is fermented and distilled in West Hobart and we believe that it is so clean there is no need for us to double distill or carbon filter it. 
Many commercial gins buy their base spirit cheaply from ethanol factories, we promise consumers that we will not be doing this. We individually distill each botanical and hand bottle and label each  product. Our current batch runs for each product are just 70 bottles.

Tours, Tastings - Ph 0457 634 333