Little Lon Distilling Co

Little Lon Distilling

Little Lonsdale, this once 'notorious' north-east corner of Melbourne, was a sight to behold in the 1850s. Its colourful past -specifically, a deep shade of harlot red- made it a magnet for the debauched, where wanton wenches and liquored-up larrikins lurched down its lamp-lit lanes. 

Fast forward 141 years, and here we are. Little Lon Distilling Co. A gintrified establishment commemorating the rich history of Little Lon with a range of characterful, small batch gins that raise a tipple to the delightful deviates that once trod these lurid laneways. 

It’s our double-distilled tribute to a hood once heaving with bordellos, bohemians, dance halls, opium dens, and gangsters and whose history is receding into the mists of time.  It’s our way of keeping Little Lon’s spirit alive.

We're makers, and we're proud to distil our spirits using  the finest of Australian malted barley and good old fashioned Melbourne water. We believe making our own base spirit, whilst extra work, imparts to our gins a glorious and very eminently sippable flavour.

With some mashing help from friends, we ferment our washes onsite in our little cottage. We then distil our base in the showpiece of our distillery, a 200-litre copper column still we've named 'Yokohama' after Little Miss Yoko,  the Oriental temptress, who once 'plied her wares' out of this humble abode.