Martin Distillation Company

Martin Distillation Co

Formed in 2014 by owners David and Jenny Martin with a view to producing quality craft spirits. David and Jenny were both born in Liverpool, England and moved to Australia in 2009. Jenny is a nurse and David a research chemist.

David had been producing home made wines and beers with his father since he was 13. Living so close to the wine region of McLaren Vale he wanted to see if his hobby could be turned into a full time business. However, the cost and number of producers was already high but what was noticed was how little spirits consumed in Australia are actually produced here. The idea was borne and lots of hard work and filling of forms was undertaken.

By 2015 our license had been secured and our premises acquired and plans were put in place to produce.

Our first production under the Mount Compass Spirits banner occurred in July 2016 with our wheat based Vodka. Followed in December by our standard Gin.

Further products of Black Pepper Gin, Mount Compass Moonshine (63.5% ABV) and our high strength high botanical gin Gfollowed.

We hope in the future to be able to produce a wide range of spirits including whisky, rum, brandy as well as a few more specialized spirits.

Our aim is to provide product that is the best we can make it.