Natural Distilling Co

We exist to bring friends and family together. 

The Natural Distilling Co didn't come together overnight. 3 years ago the first batch of small batch craft spirit was created in a Gippsland farm shed, using a grandfather's 55-year-old milk vat. Friends, partners, dads and uncles all pitched in. Initially it was far from perfect, but encouragement, curiosity and stubbornness was the motivation to continue the journey.

It took 3 years of learning, tinkering and tasting, using a variety of nutritious local ingredients to refine our spirits and their unique profiles. We finally landed on something we can be excited to share with our friends as well as yours.

Once the use of the natural super plant Cannabis sativa or Hemp, was legalised in November 2017, we quickly applied for a licence to grow and the rest is history.

Our love of family, legacy and the environment has fueled a passion to create something we can be proud to share with you. We are building an independent grassroots business with our bare hands, creating a legacy that we can be proud of and our children can be part of. And don't worry, the drinks aren't made in the milk vat any more. 

The blend of innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in the taste and quality of our spirits.

We hope you enjoy our drinks as much as we enjoy creating them…


Now a little bit of information about Hemp.

The use of Hemp has been thoroughly documented throughout history, including the discovery of material made from hemp around 9,000 years ago, people believe that hemp may be the first crop ever grown by man. With the capabilities to produce crucial resources such as food, rope, clothing and housing material. Hemp has been the inspiration for man’s earliest innovations.

Hemp is a term used to classify varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content. Hemp has generally been used to describe the non-intoxicating Cannabis plant that is harvested for the industrial and health uses of its derived products.

Is Hemp a Narcotic, HELL NO NDC FANS! The hemp plant contains a minuscule level of THC (this psychoactive cannabis compound). From November 12 2017, the Food Standards Code was changed to permit the sale of low-psychoactive hemp seed as a food are effective in Australia permitting the legal sale of low-THC hemp seed foods in supermarkets around the country.

Healthy Hemp Seeds look little round peppercorns, with a crisp shell and are very fragile. You will find them for sale in health food shops. Hemp seeds contain around 26% protein, up there with soybean and even better than quinoa. Hemp seeds are rich in nutty oils, with a high ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. Most of the essential amino acids are present, plus crucial minerals, vitamin E and the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D.

Hemp seeds and oil are high on the limited list of good plant sources of these fats. Nutritionists are big on highlighting the importance of balancing omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats in our diets.

How is Hemp Grown? When the health benefits of Hemp were recognised in 2017, it has quickly grown in every state in Australia. The crop grows best in warm and humid climates in temperatures between 14–26°C, it is mostly grown in the summer months. Hemp is very similar to a weed in many aspects, it does not require any pesticide, herbicide or insecticide and requires less water to grow than many popular crops like wheat or cotton.

Whats this Myrcene/Terpene Talk???

Hemp terpenes are the essential oils that give hemp and cannabis its distinctive aromatic and flavour qualities. They are popping up in consumer products everywhere as customers understand the health benefits and demand sustainably sourced products. Its close cousin medical cannabis has been legally used to treat over 25 debilitating conditions in Australia.

The health benefits of terpenes are becoming more broadly understood. Terpenes like Limonene and Myrcene, work with other cannabinoid molecules like CBD or THC, creating a synergistic union of compounds that achieve better results and greater efficacy as a group than they would in isolation. This positive intermingling of cannabinoids and terpenes is known as the “Entourage Effect”, it is fascinating doctors, scientists and consumers of natural products.

Myrcene is the most common terpene in the hemp plant, it has an earthy, citrusy, fruity smell with some woody overtones. Myrcene is also found in citrus, thyme, basil, mango, lemongrass - plants with big and bold aromas. It is the perfect addition to our craft vodka, giving it a unique botanical flavour. Some researchers recommend myrcene for patients who suffer insomnia, restlessness, and a multitude of forms of anxiety. It can also facilitate antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiseptic benefits.