Original Spirit Co

Original Spirit Co

Business at Original Spirit Co is a family affair
Crafting things has been a family tradition for generations. Our hope and vision for our small distillery is to experiment and explore the flavours of native, unique and 'in season' ingredients. 

We want to provide high quality, small batch spirits to our local community and to those who like interesting drops. We continuously develop and distill new spirits to share with our friends and customers.

 Although we do not have a cellar door at the present time, we are at a number of markets around Victoria.

Our philosophy is quite simple, source the best ingredients and help them reach their natural potential. All of our spirits are handmade and produced in micro-quantities to ensure the best possible quality and taste. Our ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers. Many are grown organically, some are even foraged from the wild.

We consider distilling to be a seductive balance between science and art. We use traditional techniques and methods to achieve the best results - smooth and sophisticated spirits.