Tattarang Springs Distillery

tattering Springs

We are an independent, small batch, grain based distillery with a “gastronomical gin” vision.

We are situated in Karrakup (meaning black cockatoo in the local Noongar dialect) in the shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Western Australia. We have a 120 acre property surrounded by the state forest. We have our own dams filled all year round by underground springs which provide the water for not only the distillery itself but the orchards that grow our botanicals also.

We forage for or grow the bulk of the botanicals that go into our gins and we only use West Australian barley for both our gin and our vodka.

Our ethos is to create a grain to glass product that showcases the wonders that grow in our states backyard. We have been called a “bush tucker inspired distillery” though we do still use a few purchased ingredients (native pepper berry and Juniper) due to the location and quarantine laws of WA.

Our chef analyses the gastronomical profiles of all botanicals in our products and works with our distiller to create the recipes for our unique spirits with a balanced flavour and aroma.

Our 3 founders are:-

Our Chef, with high end international experience who has worked alongside the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

Our Brewer/Distiller, with award winning beers and spirits under his belt and a passion for all things Australiana.

Our Horticulturalist, the guru of all things that we cultivate or forage for. (this being a part of the ethos)

We are very traditional in our spirit creation we do not use any sugars or buy in pharmaceutical alcohol. We only make a 500ltr grain wash per batch. This equates to 100-150 bottles per batch.