The Canberra Distillery

As a small batch distillery we are unconstrained by the need to produce volume and can focus on quality. Many modern distillery’s purchase ethanol from industrial facilities and re-distill it to add a flavour.

The Canberra Distillery starts with just the raw ingredients: water, yeast and energy (grain, potato, fruit or sugar). The processing, distilling and bottling is performed by hand in Canberra.

To make spirits you have to first master the science of making alcohol and only then can you begin to practice the art of distilling. 

"First with the head and then with the heart."

The first alcohol from the still is the heads.  It is undrinkable. The higher boiling temperature alcohols are called the tails. These have a bitter taste. 

But hidden in the middle of these lesser alcohols are the "Hearts".  The Hearts are the sweet alcohols. To make fine spirits, the Canberra Distillery only uses the “Heart”  cut of the distillate.

Small batch distilling, unconstrained by the need to produce volume, can focus on quality.