Tiny Bear Distillery

Tiny Bear Distillery

Husband and wife team Damien and Manda Anderson, grew ever frustrated with the norms of living in Melbourne. Work hard, go home, drink, eat, drink, sleep and repeat. All in the hope of owning a miniature patch of grass to call their own. In 2017, they threw that idea away and came up with their own. Sold their house to fund the dream. The dream….the distillery. Armed with 8 year’s experience as a high school Chemistry, Science and Maths teachers, it was time to follow the dream full time.

 They opened their doors in June 2018, with three signature gins, each with its own seductive balance between science, art and passion. Each gin is made from their own wash fermented onsite, distilled, redistilled and bottled all in their tiny little factory in Knoxfield on the outer east of Melbourne. The batch size of each gin is ‘Tiny’ and every process is done by hand.

Cellar door, tours, tastings and workshops - Ph 0416 030 786


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