Underground Spirits

Underground Spirits


Our Story

It’s about being true to form, real, raw, accessible - and yet delightfully refined. We do it differently and we love what we do, ultimately, it’s for you.

Being 100% Australian made and owned, it’s our hardworking family and friends who can take credit for crafting a dedicated, proud and playful Underground Spirits culture. This is the breath and body of our brand – without them, we’d still be underground and undiscovered.

For us, it’s all about Trust. The people who make a difference to us personally, are the backbone to Underground Spirits professionally.

Underground is about invention, family, friends and unwavering passion. We wanted to make something wonderful, so we did.

So here’s to you, and here’s to a glass of wonderful!

Our Spirits

Decidedly different to run-of-the-mill processing, we patented our own procedure on purpose. A lack of refinement, precision and constructive execution left us feeling uninspired and unable to relate to the status-quo. So, we had to make room for something new. A process which respected raw values, yet heightened the experience to create something more meaningful.

Our secret is in a deep understanding of raw science, raw ingredients, clarity of purpose for our intentional process. Designed to draw out impurities using medical grade equipment with surgical precision, this is what makes us innately different.

Our Vodka, it’s not so much about what we add, more about what we remove. Getting back to basics has never been more beautiful. This is more than tradition. We wanted a simultaneously classic and creative experience, and now, you can enjoy it too.

Our spirits are born as a successful by-product of sustainably grown high-quality Australian Wheat, with a highly desirable environmental context of ideal conditions for rich results. With minimal pollutant exposure, high clean rainfall and sparkling, mineral-dense Snowy Mountain water, our spirits get the best of ‘Down Under’ and its inimitable rich earthy nutrients.

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