Virginia Spirits

36 Short

What’s in a name?
A man…his passion… over 100 years of tradition… a dream realised through his sons…36 short - his suit size…the essence of a soul.

36 Short is a traditional Rakia, distilled with the utmost respect for its traditional forefathers. Pando, a young migrant with a big dream brought the recipe for Rakia to Australia over 50 years ago.  Rakia is the traditional spirit of the Balkans, spanning generations. In Pando’s memory, his sons have brought into fruition their father’s dream of distilling a traditional Rakia with a modern twist.  36 Short is a true handcrafted Rakia made on the plains of Virginia, South Australia using the secret recipe handed down from father to son over three generations.

It is a drink like no other, created by a man like no other.

The Brothers
Adelaide Brothers Jon and Con Lioulios have distilled and launched the first Rakia to be licensed and sold in Australia, 36 Short. The Lioulios brothers are primarily known for their successful, fresh, vegetable produce business. 

The brothers have distilled 36 Short in honour of their father. 36 Short is a tribute to Jon and Con’s Macedonian born father, Pando who bought the recipe to Australia almost 50 years ago.Jon and Con's passion for family, friends and good times is the bench mark for 36 Short. They suggest it is enjoyed neat before and after a meal and be accompanied with pickled vegetables and tapas as well as cured and barbequed meats. Try it neat or mixed into your favourite cocktail.