Wild Hibiscus Flower Co

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co have utilised the talents of Australian master distiller Reg Papps from Ironbark Distillery to form the basis of their their unique Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles. 
Family owned and operated and established in 1998, Wild Hibiscus began by creating unique Australian Native Food condiments, spices and sauces which are still a cornerstone in our range today (Kurrajong Australian Native Foods). 
This evolved into creating a range of gourmet edible flower products using hibiscus, Bulgarian roses and butterfly pea flowers.  After over 15 years, the products have been distributed and paired with food and cocktails in great establishments and homes all over the world.  Wild Hibiscus also source and supply dried flowers to industry for making specialty tea, liquor and beverage products.
Founders Lee and Jocelyn Etherington have travelled the world for decades sourcing unique ingredients, working with farmers and navigating the food and cocktail circuits of Australia, USA, Canada and Europe, both on premise and in retail.
Lee and Joce developed a deep love affair with food, fine wine, spirits and the craft cocktail industry and a keen sense of experimentation with unique ingredients. 
They’re often found in the kitchen concocting cocktails, spirit infusions and trial recipes. Always fortunate to have wonderful friends and budding taste testers to share in the fun to perpetuate this ongoing appreciation and inquisitiveness.     
Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles are the latest concept of Lee Etherington, taking collaboration with liquor that one step further with a gift set of infused gins. Gingle Bells invokes fun, sass, quality, deliciousness and something a little bit different - all a common thread in the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company journey, products and family.