Wolf Lane Distillery

This is a story about good friends, a tropical paradise and a love for delicious gin!

But our story dates back to 2016 when some good friends created Three Wolves (A cocktail and whiskey bar)  in region that was previously know for backpackers and Great Northern beer. After a successful start another two bars were added to the portfolio, Gin Social ( A hotel lobby gin bar in the Hilton Hotel) and Flamingos Tiki Bar ( a Rum and Tiki Bar). With a variety of different spirit bars, we found ourselves always getting drawn back to gin. Being such a versatile spirit, we loved the idea of creating our own version of a perfect gin. 

In 2018 we acquired a beautiful red brick building located next door to Three Wolves and the transformation begun. The building dates back to the early 1900s and was believed to be an old horse stable. Stripping the building back to its original bare-bones has created a unique and beautiful space to work in. 

8 months later we took delivery of our custom 8 plate column still which we have named Column Farrell ( a pun on the actor Collin Farrell).  Column Farrell produces an unbelievably clean spirit as it passes through our 8 copper plates. This clean spirit ( ABV 96%) is diluted down and we steep our dry botanicals for 24 hours. After this, we add our fresh botanicals,  including Ruby Grapefruits, Mango, Finger limes, Mint and Lavender Flowers (all sourced from local farms in the tablelands) to our massive copper gin basket and vapor infused into the gin. This creates our signature gin - Wolf Lane Tropical Gin, a new world citrus-forward gin. Perfect for a summer afternoon by the beach or family BBQ. 

Our mission is to produce a gin that represents our region and the lifestyle
we live in. 

A tropical holiday in every sip!