World Gin Awards 2023 - and our winners are...

Time to find out who our best gins are at the World Gin Awards 2023. At Spirit of the Maker we have plenty of winners to choose from.

Buy them while you can.

Compound Gin
Gold - Bass & Flinders Soft & Smooth gin
Silver - Bass & Flinders Gin10

Contemporary Style Gin
Gold - Bass & Flinders Distillery, Heartbreak Gin, 40%
Gold - Dasher + Fisher, Meadow, 45%
Silver - Farmer’s Wife Distillery, Autumn Dry Gin, 48%

Flavoured Gin
Gold - Dasher + Fisher, Saffron, 40%
Silver - Brookie’s, Shirl The Pearl Cumquat Gin, 37.7%
Silver - Forty Spotted, Pinot Noir, 40%

London Dry Gin
Gold - Dasher + Fisher, Mountain, 45%
Silver - Hellfire Bluff Distillery, London Dry Gin, 45%
Silver - Wolf Lane Distillery, Queensland Dry Gin, 40%

Signature Botanical
Gold - Farmer’s Wife Distillery, Autumn Dry Gin, 48%

Navy Strength
Silver - Wolf Lane Distillery, Navy Strength Gin, 58%

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