Godfather Distilled Coffee Vodka

Godfather Distilled Coffee Vodka

That Spirited Lot - Seaford, Vic

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Distilled by That Spirited Lot Distillers (Seaford, Australia) in collaboration with local legends Commonfolk Coffee Company (Mornington), this Vodka is distilled from grape spirit using our crystal column bubble cap still to produce a clean spirit, this method promotes the Godfather espresso blend to shine. 
We use a mixture of ground & macerated coffee alongside whole roasted beans in our botanical basket to produce a deconstructed version of the Godfather blend that we all love. 


Awesome served; chilled as an after dinner sip | with a splash of tonic | martini style shaken with dry vermouth.

40% ABV | 700 mL

FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from That Spirited Lot - Seaford, Vic

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