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With more than 60 Australian whiskies to choose from, finding and buying the right one has never been easier. Australian Whiskies are award winners, taking the world by storm winning World's Best in 2019, 2018 and 2014, with a number receiving great acclaim by whisky guru Jim Murray. The world is taking notice and so should you!

Batches are small and sell out quickly - by the time they win the awards, they are usually sold out! Will you have an award winning bottle? Enjoy liquid gold...

FLAT RATE SHIPPING PER DISTILLERY: $9.90 metro/regional; $14.90 rural/remote.

Whisky is a spirit that inspires a deep passion and serious discussion among its aficionados. The variety of styles, ageing techniques, the sheer amount of history behind the drink — and even the best drinking glass to use — have all provided grist for intense conversations over many a dram.

But amidst the multitude of opinions that have emerged from the craft whisky fandom, there’s one truth that can universally be agreed on — the Australian whisky scene has marked itself out as world-class. With Australian small-batch whisky distilleries beginning to attract attention worldwide, there’s never been a better time to sample Australian-made whisky for yourself. And if you’re already familiar with the scene, you’re going to find delightful new whiskies to sample. 

You can find a fantastic selection of whisky online in Australia at Spirit of the Maker. We specialise in boutique whisky sourced from Australian distilleries, with a unique selection of rare whisky to slake the thirst of even the most parched palate. We promise you the best whiskey in Australia — and across our range of collectable whisky, we deliver every time. 

Spirit of the Maker — a home for all your spirit needs 

Spirit of the Maker isn’t just the best place to buy whisky online in Australia — in addition to boutique whisky, we stock more than 370+ spirits to choose from, including gin, rum, vodka, brandy, liqueurs and new make spirits. Passionately created by more than 70 talented craft distillers around the country, we pride ourselves in providing you with spirits to perfectly suit your personal tastes. And for those who prefer not to partake, never fear — we also offer a range of non-alcoholic beverages. No matter what your choice, it will make for an ideal addition to your liquor cabinet or the ideal gift for a loved one, close friend or just to say thank you. 

Get in touch with us today to discover more about our great range at Spirit of the Maker.

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