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Lord Byron Distillery

Lord Byron Farm

Lord Byron Distillery believes that everyone deserves to know where their drinks come from and how they are made. Lord Byron Distillery is a carbon neutral, zero waste distillery located in Byron Bay. There are no artificial colours, flavours or additives in any Lord Byron Distillery products. All Spirit of Byron products are hand batched on site from locally sourced ingredients. Produced with the dedication, care and passion of a bygone era, combining sustainability with provenance – Lord Byron Distillery delivers a premium experience for all to share and enjoy.

Having worked around the globe in the renewable energy industry the Restall family wanted to ensure that they did their bit to hand the world over to the next generation in a better condition than they found it. The impacts of climate change are quite simply - real and human-made. Lord Byron Distillery is a carbon neutral and zero waste business.

Everyone should care about what they are putting into their bodies. Why do people care about where their food comes from but never ask about the provenance or ingredients in their drinks? Lord Byron Distillery is focussed on helping people to take back control of the decision made every time they enjoy a drink, responsibly. Lord Byron Distillery makes its Spirit of Byron drinks in Byron Bay from ingredients predominantly grown and sourced in the Byron region. The water comes from collected rainwater and natural spring water located on the Restall family farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. It is the same water that the Restall family drinks at home on the farm. It is lightly filtered and doesn’t contain the chemicals and additives found in town water. The molasses is sourced from the local sugar mill which is the last farmer owned cooperative in Australia. There are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any Lord Byron Distillery products.

The earliest record of the Restall family in Byron Shire dates back to 1897 when Jack Restall was the local butcher in Billinudgel. Although this fact wasn’t discovered by Brian and Helen Restall until recently, it explains why they have always had a deep sense of affinity with the area and to traditional trade and craftmanship. The farm they purchased has been a family owned business for generations and Brian and Helen continue this tradition with their own family, ensuring the integrity and provenance of their hand-crafted artisanal drinks.

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