ALTD Spirits The Twins

ALTD Spirits The Twins

ALTD Spirits The Twins

Green Grocer
Sharp citrus notes on the nose are immediate driven by fresh lemon myrtle leaves & ripe bush lemon peels. There is a green herb freshness thanks to the native thyme & rosemary combination. Various woods & local barks ground the spirit and provide an earthy backbone. Tasmanian pepperberry brings a dry characteristic in terms of mouthfeel along with that distinctive satisfying burn on a long finish. 

A uniquely Australian character – the Green Grocer. He’s a good bloke – refreshingly dry, humble and honest. You’ll usually hear the big guy singing from a sunny spot at dusk. Be warned, he can get very loud. 

Botanicals: Lemon Myrtle, Bush Lemons, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Native Thyme, Rosemary, Organic Sandalwood, Aniseed Myrtle, Various Local Woods & Barks.

Serving Suggestions: Our signature & suggested serves are martinis – as cold & dry as possible, with a twist of lemon or grapefruit. Or, pour over ice and mix with a premium tonic.

Silver Princess
Strawberry Gum & Australian Desert Limes are a killer combination here. Desert Limes provide a tart, sourness on the palate and this blends deliciously with the intense berry aroma of the Strawberry gum. The mouthfeel is silky & smooth but it’s sharp at the same time.

The sour is balanced with just a little sweetness by the amazing native Honey Myrtle. Spicy characteristics are provided by Riberry & Cinnamon Myrtle, the latter leaving you with an electric tingle on the finish. It’s like nothing you’ve tasted before.

The Silver Princess is not for little girls. She is big, bold and complex. Getting loudest at dusk, our diva loves the spotlight.

Botanicals: Strawberry Gum, Desert Lime, Lime Peel, Honey Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Riberry, Organic Sandalwood, Local Woods & Barks.

Serving suggestions: Our signature & suggested serves are martinis – as cold & dry as possible. Try a twist of lime with the Silver Princess. Or, pour over ice and mix with a premium tonic.






Alcohol-free | 2 x 700 mL bottles

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