Belgrove Peated Rye Whisky

Belgrove Peated Rye Whisky 50% ABV

Belgrove Distillery - Kempton, Tas

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Tasting Notes

C: golden,

N: slightly meaty, cold smoke, quite sweet with some vanilla and honey fudge,

P: smoky and fruity, quite sweet with some cold ash aromas, caramel, earthy like a campfire in a warm summer rain, burned apricot,

F: more warm smoke towards the end, slightly meaty, still earthy like a warm summer night with some rain drops falling on a paved road,

C: surprisingly smoky but not peaty, quite easy to drink. Actually I would call this a ‘smoky every-day-dram’!

Image may be from different batch. LAST BOTTLE!

50% ABV | 500 mL


FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from Belgrove Distillery - Kempton, Tas

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